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Ballet/CM (2.5 - 6 yrs)

WDMN02 - Model#Ballet/CM (2.5 - 6 yrs)
Session 2: Wednesdays (1/5 – 5/18) (1:30 - 2:15)
Location: WDM South

850 Mud Creek Road, Indianapolis, IN 46256

•Session 1: No class: 10/20, 11/27 

•Session 1: Holiday show: 12/15 at WDM 1:40 - 2:00

•Session 2: No class: 3/2 & 3/16

•Session 2: Spring Show: 5/18 at WDM 1:40 - 2:00

If there are more than 2 cancellations due to weather or school closures, a make-up will be held via Zoom (DTBD).  Tuition is not refundable.  All students must notify SBS in writing by 10/20, if they are not re-enrolling in session 2.  A non refundable $25 deposit will secure placement in session 2.  Deposits will be applied toward S2 fees.  Payments are due by 9am on the first class of a session. Any payments received after that will be considered late and will incur a $10 late fee.  $5 fee is added for each week payment is late.  Payment Plans are available upon request.

Please download, print, and complete the form above, and bring it with your child on the first day of class
Price (USD): ($38.00)